Make Resonant Change

<aside> ☀️ Hello, my name is Justin Fair. I channel creative clarity.


I am a Baltimore-based urban planner working in housing and community development by day, and arts and fitness by night.


<aside> 🔆 I have worked in the non-profit and public sectors since 2008. In my spare time, I create under the trade name, Soulstrong, and on this website, you'll find links to all the projects and ways I charge myself and others to live a life of mindfulness, community, and building family. Struggles are inherently hard to overcome!



Let's balance!

Well, try to. I'm blessed to have been put on this planet to help others seek creative clarity.

Professionally, I come from a background in visual art and theatre, which led me to an interest in scenic design, public art, and graphic design. This led to an interest in architecture and the built environment. Years later, I achieved my Masters in City and Regional Planning from Morgan State University. There are many Hats I Wear, under which I live and work to inspire and support actionable change. See my Mindmap for a visual!

Areas of Interest


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